Through New Eyes

Through New Eyes: refusing to stay silent, Bartimaeus SHOUTS OUT to Jesus. Throwing cloak aside, life begins afresh. In conversation, prayer, action and blind hope all can worship, witness, encounter, imagine, go …

 Greenbelt Monday 26 August 2013,  11am in Aspire

The conversation to create a fresh piece of worship is always interesting. The theme for Greenbelt as it celebrates it’s 40th year is Life Begins. Our thoughts initially revolved around 40 in roman numerals being XL and wondered if there was a bible verse 10:50. The only one that  we could find is in  Mark’s gospel “Throwing his cloak aside, he jumped to his feet and came to Jesus.”  We thought we would work something around the story of Bartimaeus – whose life begins afresh after an encounter with Jesus.

 As we read it we realised that it almost acts as a liturgy with
a gathering,  “then they came to Jericho”,
A reflection on who we are – (blind, son of .., beggar),
a prayer “have mercy on me!”,
a rebuke, “told him to be quiet”
a call “Jesus stopped and said, Call him”
An encouragement “He’s calling you”,
a response ” Throwing his cloak aside …”
a challenge “What do you want ..”
a Petition “I want to see”
A dismissal “Go …”
a discipleship “followed Jesus along the way”
.. from there comes a worship conversation that hopes that life will begin through new eyes. If you are at Greenbelt and intrigued come and join us  on Monday morning in Aspire.
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